What can smaller brands learn from the Super Bowl Commercials? 🎙 ⚡

The Super Bowl has become synonymous with big brand commercials, with a selling spot for a 30-second commercial costing $7 million. That’s $ 225,000 a second. 💰 Not within your budget for this year? No problem.

Although this budget is outside the reach of many brands, there are a few lessons that we can take from them.

1. Humour & Playfulness: Super Bowl commercials are known for their creativity, humour, and playfulness. Whether it’s through witty messaging, unexpected twists, or playful engagement with your audience, you can leverage the power of humour to stand out in a crowded market. What is important here is really making sure that you understand who your customer is.

Standout: Squarespace Hello Down There (directed by Martin Scorsese)

2. Leveraging the power of celebrities/influencers: You may not have a Kris Jenner budget, but partnering with micro-influencers or local personalities can help build your brand credibility, reach a wider audience, and create engagement with your brand.

Standout: Oreo: Imagine a world where the twist of an OREO could change everything. Literally everything.

3. Cultivate emotional moments: I am definitely not the only one to have shed a tear (or two) from a Super Bowl commercial. Powerful storytelling connects with audiences on a deep emotional level and highlights the values that your brand stands for, forming positive associations with your brand. How can you create this through authentic, compelling storytelling?

Standout: Kia: Perfect 10

BONUS: Strategic timing & placement: Super Bowl commercials run during one of the most-watched television events of the year. While you don’t have to aim for Super Bowl timing, it’s still important to learn its importance for your marketing efforts. This could involve capitalising on trending topics on social, leveraging local events or holidays, or even partnering with other businesses for cross-promotion.

Got you thinking? Share your thoughts with us.

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